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The New Horison Guild is an actors’ Guild established in 2001. Mr. David Tamakloe established it on the campuses of the Institute of Business Management and Journalism.

 The Guild aims at helping people to develop their talents. It is believed that god gave each and every one a talent and the Guild is there to help people expose these talents, to the outside world.

 The Guild had its first President Mr. David Tamakloe and Miss Kate Mintah as its voice-President. The Guild since its inception has been very successful by producing some of the finest actors and actresses for this country. Among them are Samuel Boamah Medford, Angela Amenyo and Millicent Adom. This Guild has been able to produce a video clip for the famous Ghanaian musician by name Okomfo Kwadee. The title of the song was “Abro ne Bayie” which can simply be explained to mean wickedness.

 Among the achievements of this Guild are that it has been able to secure contracts and performed under so many programmes inside and outside Kumasi.

 Among such programmes are the following: -

  1. Miss Valentine             -            Kumasi
  2. Miss Obuasi                -            Obuasi
  3. Miss Adansi                -            Obuasi
  4. I.M.S SRC Week

 These performances have enabled some of our members got the exposure and some even get contracts to perform on their own.

 We are there for all and are ready to help people build the talents in them. With the able nature of its current Director and President, Mr. Mr. Charles Baah Aboagye affectionately called the “Moskyo” the group is going to come out with its own production and this will help market its members very well.

 You are then welcome to its meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00pm at the top lecturer theatre.

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